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Blade and the BRC versus BDC.Updated 2 years ago


Blade's Bullet Rise Compensating (BRC) Reticle is optimized for home defense and law enforcement applications, where nearly all defensive rifle use occurs inside 50 yards, and the most significant chance of close quarters engagement occurring at 15 yards or less. ​​


Although gravity always pushes bullets downwards, at very close distances the bullet appears to "rise" from the muzzle to meet the point of aim in the optic, due to the scope's mechanical offset or "height over bore." The BRC reticle is the first reticle to offer dedicated holds for 5, 10, and 15 yards compensating for this effect.

The BRC Reticle is broken down into the following holds when​​ Blade is mounted on an AR style firearm or any other firearm ​​ with a similar optic mounting height over the barrel. ​​ ​​ The CQB holds will not be as valid when Blade is mounted to ​​ an AK or other platform with radically different optic height​​ over bore.​

The 50/200 yard battle sight zero is applicable only to 5.56 NATO and .308 Win calibers. The rest of the holds will work with any barrel length and any caliber because range is so short. Bullet paths have very little chance to diverge due to velocity or ballistic coefficient differences at just 5 to 15 yards, so a .22lr point of impact is nearly identical to 9mm or 7.62x39.​​

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