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Difference between Patriot and Kentucky LongUpdated 2 years ago

We often receive questions as to what the differences are between the Patriot series and the Kentucky Long precision rifle scopes. Here is a quick comparison list. 
1. Optical design: The optical engineering, the science of the shape of the lenses and their mathematical relationship to each other, is totally different in Kentucky Long. This results in less chromatic aberration, better target area resolution at medium to long range, a wider field of view, and other benefits. Although Patriot and Kentucky Long share the same glass quality and coatings, due to the new optical design most shooters initially think Kentucky Long has “better glass” when comparing them side by side.   

2. Erector ratio: Patriot has a 4x erector ratio, meaning that the highest magnification is 4x the lowest magnification. For years a 3x or 4x erector ratio was standard and still does the job just fine.  

A 3-9x hunting scope is a 3x erector ratio, because 3 x 3 = 9. 
A 4-16x or 6-24x Patriot is a 4x erector ratio: 6 x 4 = 24.  

Kentucky Long’s advanced optical design makes a state-of-the-art 6x erector ratio possible, leading to unprecedented magnification flexibility. Kentucky Long’s magnification ranges include 2-12x, 3-18x, 4-24x and 5-30x.

3. Reticle Illumination: Patriot has no reticle illumination at all. Kentucky Long features 11daylight visible red illumination brightness levels. The brightness control knob is located on the left side of the optic, along with the parallax adjustment. 

4. Locking turrets: Both Patriot and Kentucky Long feature exposed style tactical turrets which are not capped. Both turret systems are zero-resettable. Neither scope features azero stop type system. Kentucky Long turrets feature a push-pull locking system: pull away from the scope body to make adjustments, and push towards the scope body to lock the turret and prevent accidental turret movement. Patriot turrets do not lock and rely only on turret tension to keep them in place. 

5. Size and weight: Kentucky Long’s 6x erector ratio and extra featurescome with a small penalty in size and weight. Comparing similar magnification ranges side by side, the Kentucky Long will always be a few ounces heavier and just a little bit longer.   


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