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Hostile Engagement RingsUpdated 2 years ago

As flexible as LPVO optics can be, there is no denying that there is a time factor needed for moving the magnification ring from whatever setting you're on, back to 1. And if that time isn't going to fit what you need, bring able to simply rotate your carbine or rifle over and be looking though a 1X reflex in a fraction of the time may be a big deal.

Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings are the rock solid, easy way to mount any RMR cut reflex red dot sight as a low profile secondary optic to your main rifle scope. No adapters, no hassles, just RMR footprint mounts at a 45-degree angle on each side of every Hostile Engagement ring.

Precise, matched pairs of our rings are made from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat oxidized, just like the upper and lower receivers on your AR-15. Hostile Engagement Rings make it easy and affordable to mount a 45-degree offset dot sight on your rifle. Pricing for 1 paired set.

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