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Warhawk versus Kentucky Long Precision OpticsUpdated 2 years ago


We often receive questions as to what the Warhawk has going for it over our Kentucky Long. So here is a quick run down of the main points of difference.


The Tube of the Warhawk is 34mm, while the Kentucky Long is 30mm. 34mm funnels more light so resolution is better.

Warhawk also uses a larger diameter erector assembly which allows more travel distance of the internal turret adjustments, allowing for greater zeroing distance.

Warhawk and Kentucky Long have the same eye relief.

Warhawk has better Eye Box thanks to a larger exit pupil. This makes aligning your eye with the optics view more forgiving.

Warhawk and Kentucky use the same lens coatings, and the same quality glass.

Warhawk uses lower profile turrets, with wider caps.

Warhawk uses stonger push/pull turret locking system.

Warhawk also has more precise and positive turret adjustments.

The Warhawk erector assembly is more substantial and stable.


If you have any individual questions about our Warhawk Optics, please reach out to us on Social Media or via our Website.


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