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"Swamp Fox" History

When was Francis Marion born?

Francis Marion was born the same year as George Washington, 1732.

What is Francis Marion best known for?

Hard to say what he is best known for, but here are a handful of noteworthy aspects of his legend: Father of guerrilla warfare A forerunner to the Army Rangers Preventing the British from advancing into North Carolina because of his relentless atta

How did Francis Marion get the name Swamp fox?

Colonel Banastre Tarleton led his death squad through the backcountry of South Carolina in pursuit of Marion, including on one instance, a 26-mile pursuit through the swamps. Tarleton, frustrated over his inability to catch up with Marion, said "As

Did Francis Marion have a hideout in the swamp that served as his base?

Yes, Snow's Island, not dissimilar to Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest.