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Is my Riflescope focused properly?Updated 2 years ago

Riflescope Does Not Focus Properly

If your reticle or target will not focus properly, this issue could be for a few reasons:

Parallax. Verify your particular riflescope’s parallax focusing capability. For example, a riflescope with fixed 100-yard parallax or 50 to infinity parallax may have some distortion when shooting at 10 or 25 yards, because the target is too close for the rifle’s focusing capability.

Mirage. Mirage is a heatwave-like distortion that may cause significant distortion on targets at a long distance. It can occur in a variety of different temperature patterns but will be most noticed when shooting at extended distances with a high-magnification riflescope. Sometimes backing off the magnification can help alleviate this issue.

Barrel or Suppressor Mirage. This effect is similar to mirage observed downrange but originates from the barrel or suppressor getting hot after several rounds have been fired. The shooter can alleviate this by letting the rifle cool, or install an anti-mirage suppressor shield/ barrel mirage band.

A few troubleshooting recommendations to make sure your riflescope is focused properly:

Warning: Looking directly at the sun through a riflescope, or any optical instrument can cause severe and permanent damage to your eyesight.
1: Look through the rifle scope at a blank white wall or up at the sky.
2: Turn the eyepiece focus ring in or out until the reticle image is as crisp as possible.

Once this adjustment is complete, it will not be necessary to re-focus every time you use the riflescope. However, because your eyesight may change over time, you should re-check this adjustment periodically.
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