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My reticle looks canted? What can I do?

There are a few potential causes for a reticle to appear canted. The scope can be properly aligned but the way you are holding the rifle causing your eye to perceive the reticle as canted. Right-handed shooters shouldering a rifle commonly report a r

What if my optics dot, doesnt look like a dot?

If the dot of your optic doesn't appear to look like a dot, the distortion may be caused by the way your eyes perceives the dot. This is called astigmatism and almost everyone has some degree of natural astigmatism. Here are a few troubleshooting met

My optics dot, or illumination won't turn on, what can I do?

First step is to check the battery on your optic. If you have replaced the battery, confirm the installation of the battery, and tighten the battery cap as suggested. Adjust the brightness up and down to ensure it isn't on a Night Vision setting if y

Is my Riflescope focused properly?

Riflescope Does Not Focus Properly If your reticle or target will not focus properly, this issue could be for a few reasons:Parallax. Verify your particular riflescope’s parallax focusing capability. For example, a riflescope with fixed 100-yard para

Payment Troubleshooting

We offer multiple ways of completing your purchase on our online store. We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal. Please email us to get one-on-one help.This page provides troubleshooting steps that might resolve credit card authorization

I have my new Swampfox Optic, how do I mount and zero?

If you are having trouble getting your optic dialed in, we will cover a few steps to start you on the right track, and keep you out of some pitfalls. First step is mounting. This is both a science and an art. First choice is do you want a one piece m

The Optic won't Turn On

Check the battery on your Optic. If you have replaced the battery, checked the installation of the battery, and tightened the battery cap as suggested.If your unit still has no dot, it may be defective and should be sent in for warranty service.