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What if my optics dot, doesnt look like a dot?Updated 2 years ago

If the dot of your optic doesn't appear to look like a dot, the distortion may be caused by the way your eyes perceives the dot. This is called astigmatism and almost everyone has some degree of natural astigmatism. Here are a few troubleshooting methods to tell if the distortion you are seeing is caused by your eyes or the optic.

Method 1) Look through the optic with your other eye. If the dot changes shape from one eye to the other, the distortion of the dot is likely caused by astigmatism.

Method 2) Look through the optic and rotate the device on its optical axis. If the distortions maintain its position, it's probably because of how your eyes are seeing the dot. If the distorted dot rotates with the optic, there may be an internal issue, which you should reach out to us about.

Method 3) Put the cover on the objective lens and place the lens of a digital camera up against the eyepiece of the optic, and take a photo of the dot. Compare the photo with what you are seeing through the optic. If the shape is the same as what you are seeing through the scope, the scope may be defective and we will want to hear from you.


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