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What slides will Sentinel Fit?Updated 2 years ago

Our Sentinel optic uses the RMSc footprint. This allows more compact concealed carry oriented pistols to gain the benefits of a Red Dot optic vs traditional iron sights.

Some of the pistols that are Sentinel ready out of the box are:

  1. Walther PPS RMS
  2. Sig P365 RMSC and P365XL RMSC
  3. Springfield Hellcat
  4. Smith and Wesson Shield 2.0 Optics Ready
  5. Canik Elite SC

These pistols will accept our Sentiel optic without needing to have the slide milled by a qualified gunsmith.

Other pistols that Can be a candidate for the Sentinel, but will require a skilled gunsmith to machine the slide before mounting are:

  1. Glock G48 and G43X
  2. Glock G36 and G30S
  3. Smith and Wesson Shield
  4. Sig P365/P365XL (Non RMSC versions)
  5. Walther PPS
  6. Any non RMSc model of 1911 or 2011 format pistols.

If you have any questions about your pistols ability to accept Sentinel, please reach out to us.


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