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Sentinel on the Glock 48MOS and 43XMOS.

With the release of the new Glock single stack MOS offerings, we have had a flood of questions come in asking if our Sentinel will mount to them, and what needs to be done. Happily we can inform you that our Sentinel Auto and Manual brightness versio

My Optic Dot dissapears?

We have had some customers contact us about their optics red dot not being visible at the bottom of the window after installing or swapping their battery. We have found this is caused by the battery cap not being screwed completely down and flush. To

Why would I want a Red Dot on a pistol?

Why would you want to mount a red dot optic on a pistol? This can easily be answered with another question, "Why would you want a red dot on a Carbine or Rifle?" "Well because it's faster and easier to aim with...ohhhh." We have used Partridge style

What slides will Sentinel Fit?

Our Sentinel optic uses the RMSc footprint. This allows more compact concealed carry oriented pistols to gain the benefits of a Red Dot optic vs traditional iron sights. Some of the pistols that are Sentinel ready out of the box are: Walther PPS RMS

How large is the Sentinel RMSc optic?

Being an RMSc footprint optic, the Sentinel has been designed to fit on more concealable single stack style pistol and PDWs. What does that mean size wise? We can help with that. Having two models, an Automatic Brightness and a Manual Adjustment make