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Why would I want a Red Dot on a pistol?Updated 2 years ago

Why would you want to mount a red dot optic on a pistol?

This can easily be answered with another question, "Why would you want a red dot on a Carbine or Rifle?" "Well because it's faster and easier to aim with...ohhhh."

We have used Partridge style iron sights on pistols for decades after non magnified red dot optics devoured the long gun world simply because it took time to make the optics small enough to fit on a pistol and still function.

A few benefits of a micro red dot on a pistol include:

Target focused shooting. You started looking at the target to see if they were a threat/armed/needing a bullet, now your eyes can stay there. Bring the pistol up and onto the target, when the bright red thing is where you want it, press the trigger to the rear. No need to add time on as your eyes focus back and forth from the front sight.

Staying threat aware. Were you 3/4ths of the way through the trigger press as the threat listened to your "DROP IT!" command? Since your eyes were still on them, you may not have to fire that shot after all, because your awareness was in the more useful place.

Time is a thing, and none of us escape it. Our eyes won't always "see a clear front sight." So when it comes time, a shining red dot may be exactly what you need to place rounds on target effectively. As we age, our responsibility to be proficient with the tools we carry for defense of Life and Liberty don't go anywhere. Stay dangerous with any and all advantages you can.

Dot that smoke wagon and get back to work...


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